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Behind the Camera

Rick Brown is a retired engineering manager who spent most of his thirty-three-year career in the Middle East. He and his wife, Lynn, now live in Florida.

While he always had a camera in hand during his extensive world travels, early retirement has given him the opportunity to take up photography as a more serious endeavor. The transition from engineer to artist has been a challenge that he has undertaken with much success, a process that he refers to as a ‘journey’.

Some time ago I came across the words: ‘The Journey is the Destination’. I can think of no other expression that applies more to my passage from the technical world to one in which I can someday be thought of as an artist. The wonderful people and places that I have experienced during this journey have convinced me the journey is truly the destination.”

A former Colorado native, Rick takes frequent photographic excursions to the western and southwestern United States. In his own backyard he takes advantage of the abundant flora and fauna. With his landscape and nature photography, Rick endeavors to share with his audience the beauty of the great outdoors.

“Ansel Adams once said: ‘There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.’ My goal is to bring to those who view my pictures a sense of the same beauty that I see through the viewfinder."

Rick has won several awards for his digital photography work. He specializes in panoramic images. He credits his brother and mentor Charlie Brown for facilitating this extraordinary journey.

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